Tiffany came to our HowGirlsCode group and blew us away with her extensive knowledge, charm, beauty, and wonderful personality. She was successful in translating difficult to understand information - making it easier to understand for all of us.

Tiffani Peguese and LaShae Walker

Tiffany is incredibly engaging. The purpose of Girls Who Code is to narrow the gender gap in technology. Tiffany was incredibly connected to the girls, and they to her, and was able to engage the 20 girls we hosted this past summer at our office in New York.

Jill Erickson

She has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the audience. To this day, people are asking me about her and how they admire her so much. I'm happy to say that I know her and I look forward to watching her growth.

Keon Hill

Tiffany is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She captivated our students while she shared her pathway to her amazing career. Throughout the presentation she was authentic and vulneravble about her challenges as she matriculated through college and her career.

Loreal Edmondson

Tiffany has an amazing aura around her which is an exact reflection of why she studies things that are out of this world (haha). Seriously, she is professional, personable, and lights up when she enters a room knowing that someone will be impacted by her presence.

Folasade Oqunmokun